Hub Change Management

Schlumberger is the world's leading oilfield services provider for oil and gas companies around the world with 70.000 employees operating in 80 countries. The global intranet of Schlumberger (The Hub) is used by tens of thousands of users every day and contributed to by several thousand authors from around the globe. The Hub is run by a custom built CMS that was developed in the mid-nineties and contains several hundred thousand objects today.

The project

K+A worked with the Schlumberger Knowledge Management team, including the corporate Hub Advisory Group, to make significant changes to the global intranet. Documentation and online training was needed to gain acceptance for these changes among the thousands of authors who contribute to the intranet on a daily basis

Our approach

Our approach was to develop change management materials on three levels

  • New feature demonstrations, presented via conference call and live screen sharing
  • Training modules adapted to the corporate online training standards
  • Comprehensive documentation for print and online delivery

The solution

We worked presented online demonstrations of the new authoring system to major contributors. To reach contributors working throughout the world, these demonstrations were presented via conference calls with live screen sharing. The presentations were then recorded as FLASH movies, so authors could review them and share them with other members of their teams.

Screen from an online training module

Screen from an online training module

We developed a series of basic training modules to introduce the authors the most-used features of the new application. These 2-3 minute modules, produced as FLASH animations with voice narration, became part of the required training for all Hub authors

We then added additional training modules for new features, such as creating Blogs and Wikis, using RSS feeds for displaying news, and offline contribution via email. These optional training modules helped increase acceptance of the new features

In parallel, we rewrote a comprehensive user manual, documenting all the features of the authoring system. This manual became the reference for authors throughout the company.

The result

The new authoring system has gained wide acceptance throughout the Schlumberger community. The online training modules are used to introduce new authors to the system.