Online publications

Information design animations and web sites produced by K+A, Attoma Design and Dynamic Diagrams.

  • Room of Wonders

    The Room of Wonders

    On online game for 8-12 year old children to discover objects hidden on maps of five continents, taken from the collections of 18 French and American art museums.

    The game is available in French and English.

    Created by Laurent Kling, Eva-Lotta Lamm, Magdalena Galazka, Remí Enguehard for the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, with the support of the Annenberg Foundation and the French Regional & American Museum Exchange (FRAME), December 2006.

  • Mendel's Experiments Thumbnail

    Mendel's Experiments

    This Flash animation explains Gregor Mendel's experiments with peas, published in 1866 and now regarded as the basis for the science of Genetics.

    The animation is available in English, German and Czech.

    Created by Vincent Maloron, Giuseppe Attoma and Paul Kahn, for the "Genius of Genetics" exhibition at the Mendel Museum of Genetics (Brno, Czech Republic), May 2002.

  • Global Village Thumbnail

    Global Village

    This 5-minute Flash animation presents a visualization of the Global Village data. If the world were a village of 1000 people, then ...

    Created by Krzysztof Lenk, Ryutaro Sakai, Stephen So, and Paul Kahn, presented at TEDX Monterey February 2000.

  • Beltrametti Thumbnail

    Archivio Franco Beltrametti

    This Flash web site presents a retrospective of the life and work of Franco Beltrametti (1937-1995), a contemporary Italian-Swiss poet and artist.

    Created by Paul Kahn, Azusa Hino, May Wong, Nancy Birkhöltzer, and Jack Lenk, presented in Mendrisio Switzerland, September 1999.

  • Memex


    This Director animation presents a recreation of the Memex, an imaginary machine for reading, recording, and linking information, described by Vannevar Bush in his essay "As We May Think" published in 1945.

    Created by Paul Kahn and Ian Adelman, prepared for "As We May Think" - A Celebration of Vannevar Bush's Vision held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, October 12-13, 1995.