SSL Certificates – The Credit Card Defender

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virtual-identity-69996_640SSL – Secure Socket Layer is the standard security technology used to encrypt online data. SSL offers encrypted communication between the server and the customer’s web browser when transmitting credit card numbers and other personal information. The SSL protocol uses Certificate Authority (CA) to issue ‘digital certificates’ to the authenticated company. SSL working mechanism includes authenticating the server’s identity, the website’s identity and once the authentication is verified, the message will be sent in the form of encrypted information to the one who asked for a certificate.

The importance of SSL certificate is felt when we give our credit card, personal information to e-commerce websites. Websites which we use for online shopping always should have a digital certificate. But, if we request an SSL certificate, it may take some time as the encrypted data from the server has to be decrypted to the user. SSL certification cannot easily be accessed by hackers because they should have the proper key to encrypt the data. So, in all ways, the security of the certificate is taken care off, and so one can rely on the Certificate Authority. The most popular certificate authorities in the World Wide Web are Thawte and VeriSign.

An SSL certificate contains the details of the owner like his e-mail address, validity period, and Distinguished Name along with the Common Name and also the certificate identification of the person who issues this information. The Certification Authority maintains a list in which we can find names of the signed certificates and also about the revoked certificates.

mobile-phone-1026122_640SSL certificates help customers to make quick decisions when they make some online transaction using their credit cards. Also, SSL increases the accountability and visibility of the company and creates goodwill and positive image among the customers. The certification maintains the data passed between the browsers and web server private and confidential. Thus, the website can meet the security, privacy and safety standards required to protect sensitive and personal data.

Nowadays, online banking websites also offer secure site ssl to enhance their customers’ confidence. Also, the website will be accepted globally only when it has SSL certification.

There is no doubt that the internet has effectively created novel opportunities for e-commerce. However, that development is also attracting numerous cyber criminals. A fraudulent website imitating a legitimate business may attempt to woo innocent visitors into revealing personal information. The only ultimate solution to this problem is procuring a Secure Sockets Layer. Thus, every website should ensure that they have an SSL certificate when they accept credit cards and collect personal information from their customers.

Every Business Needs a Website – Even Yours!

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nashville web designerThe business world is slowly evolving. It is becoming more internet oriented. The increased internet us by majority of the people in the world is driving business owners towards shifting to using the internet for advertising and other business promotional activities. Almost every person has access to the internet, either using a computer, or a mobile phone. As a business owner, you will be dragging behind if you do not consider having a website for your business, especially in the competitive Nashville business market. Don’t wait, contact our Nashville web design team today and schedule a consultation today.

Placing your business on the internet allows your business to reach out to the global market. You might think that you do not need the global exposure since your business is targeting local market only. You therefore do not consider having professional website as part of your priorities. This could be the greatest mistake you make in business.

There are various reasons that are used to justify the lack of a professionally built website by most businesses. Some think that since they do not use computers, their clients also don’t, or maybe a website is not anywhere within you budget. Whichever reasons you have, are all misconceptions. Having a business or professional website is one of the best business strategy you can use to attract and sustain customers. There are several benefits that you stand to gain if you create busine website. The following are several of them

Enhance customer convenience.

Through business website, the business concerns and objectives are easily reached. Every time a customer searches for related products or services online, your services or products will be among the list to choose from. Your customers can also keep in touch with you and your business. The website also makes it cheaper and quick to respond to customers complain and feedback.

Improved Interaction with Customers

Your business will be reachable from anywhere in the world. Although you might not have physical outlets in all geographical regions, your business will be reachable by people from all geographical regions. No other advertisement channel can provide such huge global coverage, and if there is, it would cost an extremely huge amount of money.

websites built credibilityBusiness credibility.

A business that owns a website is thought of as more credible than any other which doesn’t. People perceive a professionally designed website as a way of assurance that the services or products offered by the business as more credible and trusted. You are therefore likely to gain more customers and increase the chances of retaining them by just having a professional website.

Efficiency in adverting.

A website is the best way to reach out to thousands of people like you are just reaching out to one person. You post information on your website and the any one can view it. It is quite cheap to. You therefore manage to advertise at a very low cost and to unlimited number of audience.


A customer can get information about your business at any time of the day and any day of the week. At night and during the weekend, most business are not operational. Some customers however use these time as the time to plan ahead and think about their future needs. At such times, they require information about where their needs will be met, and he only way to get such information is through the internet. If you do not have a business website, your business loses such customers.

Can be a source of revenue.

There are so many ways that you can turn you website into a source of revenue. Advertising other businesses and services for a commission’s one of them. Other business might need to look to their website through your website to attract more customers. You can also sell some of the product online through your website.

Easy to conduct a survey or research.

A professionally built website can be used to collect information from customers and the public in general. The information may be related to the service or product that your business is offering, and how it can be improved. Knowing the customer needs and how best you can meet them is the only way to stay ahead of competitors. Obtaining such information is costly and tedious. You can however simply the process and make it quite cheap by using your business website.

A website therefore is a worth investment that any business need to make. It may be expensive bu in the long run, the returns are numerous. in order to have the best professional website, you need to hire a professional webdesign such as Nashville web design. it is the only way


Simple Tips for Choosing A Good Website Design

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Achieve a simple web design as much as possible. You may have heard this advice all the time but it’s because it is definitely true. Some of the most efficient and well-functioning websites are those that have simple web design that allows easy navigation and best user-experience to web visitors. With so many things you can choose and add in your web design, sometimes it can be really tempting to add so many elements like pages, colors, and more. In the end, when you see the result of your design, you’ll realize that your website is far from the functional website that you really want.

technology (3)To achieve a simpler but definitely more functional website, here are some webdesign tips to remember:

  1. Determine the elements that are really essential to your website.

Just like with prioritizing things in your life, you should also make a list of the essential elements you need for your website and prioritize those that are really crucial. Some web owners also know this but when designing their websites, they tend to get lost with the numerous options and tend to just put everything in their website. Focus on the important elements only and stick to that.

  1. Remove the unimportant elements.

technology_consulting_1-1Now that you have identified the important elements for your website, it is now time to determine those unnecessary elements and remove it from your website. Some of these unnecessary elements that may be deleted are sidebar elements, widgets, links in the footer, and blog post meta details.

  1. Trim the number of web pages.

One way to really make a web design simple and more functional is to reduce the number of web pages (or posts if you are starting a blog) that people have to click and explore. As much as possible, minimize the number of pages by identifying the pages that are already unnecessary or by fusing pages that can be combined into one page. With fewer web pages, your web visitors won’t find it hard to explore your site since they only need to make few clicks to find what they’re looking for. They can now focus on your content plus with fewer pages your navigation menu also becomes simpler.

  1. Give importance to the content above the fold.

According to studies, web visitors tend to stay longer above the fold of web pages. The fold is the specific content or part of the web page that shows up in a screen without scrolling. To increase the effectiveness of every web page and your whole website, make sure to give importance to the content that you put in this area. As much as possible, put the most essential contents of your site above the fold so people will Touch-Technology-PNG-02981immediately see what your site is about when they go to your website. Put your navigation menu at the top of the website and shorten the height of your header if you have a logo.

  1. Minimize the use of different colors.

With so many colors to choose from when designing a website, some users tend to be really excited in using many colors without actually thinking if the colors really complement each other or will look good with other elements in the website. Using too many colors sometimes also make a website look really crowded and unprofessional – like it was designed by a kid. The simpler and fewer colors, the sleeker, more elegant, and more professional-looking a website will be especially if you choose colors that go well with each other. As much as possible use only about 2 to 4 types of colors in your website or start with a simple color scheme.